Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hello my fellow freeks, time to make another addition to our family of foul fiends...(Un)holy Trinity is a column where we feature 3 movies, that seemingly have very little in common, and then yet, in a freeky way....


I see Dead....

Today's freektured theme (ok...it's a bad pun!) is morbid even for someone of my vile tastes, so the faint-bladdered amongst you are well advised to turn away from here...for the fiendishly freeky amongst you, read away!!!

1. Let The Right One In:

Based on John Lindqvist Swedish novel, this little flick is currently wowing one and all in the Film festival! This coming of age novel is about a little nerdy boy, bullied by one and all at school; who develops a crush with a reclusive girl that moves in next door. All is not what it seems, and the little girl, who never leaves her house, has been "undead" for several decades, and has a liking for human blood..

With its bleak and dimly lit ambience, and sublime performances, especially by the little girl who plays the undead creature... this is a bittersweet tale of between an little vampire, and a little nerd, catch the trailer below..

2.Lovely Bones:

Based on the best selling novel by Alice Seobold, "Lovely Bones" is the tender tale of the ghost of a little girl (brutally killed by a neighbourhood psycho) who observes the aftereffects of her death on her family, friends and..the psycopath. Brilliantly merging fantasy and grim reality, this novel dwelves into themes such as adultery, divorce, teen romance..all from a heavenly perspective. The trailer the cinematic version from Peter -Lord-Of-the-Rings-Jackson to be follows below:

3. Pet Sematary

Perhaps, the most well-known of this trinity, the pulp-bestseller from horror guru Stephen King, revolves around the mis-adventures of a loving dad, who in an attempt to revive his little toddler, who gets um...run-over by a truck (sorry, there was no way to put that subtly!) buries him in an Indian (so much for cultural stereotypes) cemetary with special powers. Little does daddy dearest know, that his little bundle of love, turns up with a....killer attitude!

Mama's Pride!!
What follows is a complete mayhem between demon-boy and doting dad; with daddy torn between welcoming his kiddo back, and having to stop him from umm..having people for breakfast! The movie culminates with a bitter sweet ending, with a fair share of hacked body parts! Seldom has one heard the terms "family-movie" and "horror classic" together, and yet, if ur family is as freeky as mine, then Pet Sematary, truly is one!! see below if you dare...

So, there u have it folks, 3 books...3 movies and 3 not-so-alive-kids..one freeking hell of a trinity!
Yes the morbidity reeks, but then this is a site for freeks!!! (there's only some much I can apologise for bad rhymes!!)



Sandhya said...

Another book that I love that has been turned into a lovely movie, a special thanks to the brilliant actors here, is 'Misery' by Stephen King.

His Pet Symmetary, was, in my personal belief, a better book than a movie. But with Misery, Kathy Bates did wonders to the role of the psycho fan.

Maybe you can do a series on famous pscyho fans through the movies?? :-)

reevi said...

I love pet semmetary even though the acting is bad; I would consider the book much better than the the movie ( although the wife was really cute ;)).
The Sequel was realy bad movie. It was like sesame street without studio lights.

Misery is an amazing book and movie but again the movie doesnt capture the book Paul Sheldon writes like it does in the actual book. Kathy Bates is menacing ( esp when i know a few aunts who look like that, vikram dont get your hopes up , ur married now )

Other creepy kids would be

- children of the corn
- village of the damned (
- Exorcist
- the omen

But it is interesting to see why kids creep us out so much. In real life i guess we seem to think we cant be hurt by kids & the truth is kids hurt more on an emotional level and on a physical level.
Take for example the kid in Pet Semmetary pulls out all the tricks in the book of emotionl blackmail & the scalpel, to avoid going back to where ever it came from.
All the adult protagonist are taken unaware & have their heads screwed by these kids. ( Wish could have linda hamilton or for that matter linds blair)

nice topic viky


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