Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Freaks on Film - 2

the Freek is back folks, and with a double treat, for not only are we slithering our scaly selfs onto foregin cinema, but we are also dealing with one of the creepiest freek on screen....ever!!!

Ep 2: Audition

Japanese cinema, has been obsessed with having its female characters,dress up in a school-girl outfits, ( not that the Freek is complaining!), but this little gem from horror cinema's Picasso; Takashi Miike gives the school-girl theme a kick in its *ss!!
considered by many, including horror-meister Rob Zombie to have the most disturbing torture scene in cinema ever, the Freek has also repeatedly seen this little gem, and the "school-girl" character feature in several "scariest-ever" horror lists!
The movie involves an innovative father and son duo who decide to have an audition to help the widowed father "scout" for his next bride...all goes seemingly well, till they land up with....

this docile little missy above, and then to say that the shit hits the ceiling, is an indeed understatement!!
the film features Miike's trademark fetishes such as themes of incest, torture, the odd surreal scene, and oh yes...something in a little bag, that moves!

is your freek sense tingling? that familiar chill run down u spine, the Freek lets you have a peek at the good stuff
here.! but beware, warned - wear drak pants while watching this one, no one likes a soiler!!!


an extra freeky - do you think the school - girl above is related to Gogo Yubari?

p.s.s. t. : Reevi, this one's for u bud!!!

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