Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hello my fellow freeks, time to make another addition to our family of foul fiends...(Un)holy Trinity is a column where we feature 3 movies, that seemingly have very little in common, and then yet, in a freeky way....


I see Dead....

Today's freektured theme (ok...it's a bad pun!) is morbid even for someone of my vile tastes, so the faint-bladdered amongst you are well advised to turn away from here...for the fiendishly freeky amongst you, read away!!!

1. Let The Right One In:

Based on John Lindqvist Swedish novel, this little flick is currently wowing one and all in the Film festival! This coming of age novel is about a little nerdy boy, bullied by one and all at school; who develops a crush with a reclusive girl that moves in next door. All is not what it seems, and the little girl, who never leaves her house, has been "undead" for several decades, and has a liking for human blood..

With its bleak and dimly lit ambience, and sublime performances, especially by the little girl who plays the undead creature... this is a bittersweet tale of between an little vampire, and a little nerd, catch the trailer below..

2.Lovely Bones:

Based on the best selling novel by Alice Seobold, "Lovely Bones" is the tender tale of the ghost of a little girl (brutally killed by a neighbourhood psycho) who observes the aftereffects of her death on her family, friends and..the psycopath. Brilliantly merging fantasy and grim reality, this novel dwelves into themes such as adultery, divorce, teen romance..all from a heavenly perspective. The trailer the cinematic version from Peter -Lord-Of-the-Rings-Jackson to be follows below:

3. Pet Sematary

Perhaps, the most well-known of this trinity, the pulp-bestseller from horror guru Stephen King, revolves around the mis-adventures of a loving dad, who in an attempt to revive his little toddler, who gets um...run-over by a truck (sorry, there was no way to put that subtly!) buries him in an Indian (so much for cultural stereotypes) cemetary with special powers. Little does daddy dearest know, that his little bundle of love, turns up with a....killer attitude!

Mama's Pride!!
What follows is a complete mayhem between demon-boy and doting dad; with daddy torn between welcoming his kiddo back, and having to stop him from umm..having people for breakfast! The movie culminates with a bitter sweet ending, with a fair share of hacked body parts! Seldom has one heard the terms "family-movie" and "horror classic" together, and yet, if ur family is as freeky as mine, then Pet Sematary, truly is one!! see below if you dare...

So, there u have it folks, 3 books...3 movies and 3 not-so-alive-kids..one freeking hell of a trinity!
Yes the morbidity reeks, but then this is a site for freeks!!! (there's only some much I can apologise for bad rhymes!!)


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still greedy, after all these years!

There's a defining scene towards the middle of Oliver Stone's Wall Street, where Wall Street Raider extraordinaire :Gordon Gekko points out to Bud Fox, played by Charlie Sheen from the window of his limo to a beggar, and a businessman and quizzes rhetorically:
"Do you mean to say that the difference between this man, and that, is luck?"
Yes, the bright suspenders and over gelled hair may be a thing of the past, but the eponymous character who hates lunches and randomly quotes sun-tzu; apparently has managed to weather two decades and the recent financial trumoil, and is poised for a second outing on screen
The Freek has confirmed news of studio honchos fastracking a sequel to the mis-deeds of Gekko, is a soon to be released motion picture.
The Freek put on his thinking cap (yes, he does posess one) and ponders if this is indeed the time for churning out Gekko's return? Surely as we reel with the blows dealt by the ongoing economic crises, and watch financial monoliths bite the dust on a daily basis, are we still eager to lap-up a movie about the excesses of financial cavalierism?
Perhaps, there is more to it than meets my evil eye, for was not Wall-Street, a cautionary tale about the evils of monetary malpractices in the first place? Take a look a Gekko's immortalised speech here, and feel free to substitute "Teldar Papers" with ummm...."Lehman" or another highly leveraged financial house in the recent past. Do your scaly spines not shiver with how closely Gekko's barbs about the malpractices of the higher management ring a bell about the pay-packets of a certain Mr. Fuld and his coterie? And yes, Gekko does go to jail in the end!
So, there you have it! while Gekko's villain, did manage to carve himself as a role model, (check out this valiant, yet decidedly second place attempt here), his message perhaps lay in the right place. Is not Gekko's tale a cautionary message then on the evils of a financial sector run-amok?
The very message, used as the weapon of choice by none other than Barack himself?
Well, dig out your shovels then my fellow freeks and lend a helping hand in the resurrection of this wall street warror of yore and hope that he is man enough to take on the bulls, bears and other beasts of Wall Street this time around!!
extra freeky: Gekko, was in no small part based on the exploits of trader Ivan Boesky.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sneak Freek I : The Captain Cometh!!!!

T'is the season to be yankee folks!!!
cause its raining, red, blue, white, and ....shields! Confused? ( no worries, i have spent most of my life in that manner!!)
Take a sneek peak then...or take two, at comicdom's most politically correct hero...
Captain America!!!!!!

The Freek has giggled like.....well a giggly little girl, ever since Marvel Comics decided to get of its paperback ass, and take creative control of the celluloid avatars, of its various comic characters. yes, there were naysayers, who thought that Marvel were best to be kept away from these dangerous waters, which were best suited for a major studio. its these very naysayers, that crumpled under Iron Man's armoured ass, and mangled under the new Hulk's green toesies!
and, for those freeks among who have kept pace, with the two celluloid ventures, have been given a tantalising whiff of things to come, that is Marvel intends to culminate its above mentioned franchises, into ..."THE AVENGERS MOVIE"
If what the Freek overhears is indeed correct, there will be at least one more Avenger addded to the star-cast, right after he gets his own movie, of course!! that's right fellow Freeks, the next superhero to hit the silver screen from the Marvel stable is none other than...
Captain America himself!!!!
Take a look at the itsy-bitsy hint that Marvel offered us in Iron-Man

Take a look behind Tony's Armoured armpit, to see that familiar glimpse of red-blue and white.
Designing that special shield for someone special are we mr. Stark
And then with the new Hulk movie came in further proof....

Take a look at this deleted scene from the new Hulk movie, where Bruce Banner, walking across Antartica, walks across, the frozen body of...you guessed it!! ( sorry folks, but that's the best screen resolution shot that can be managed in my evil lair)

are your evil eyes straining, to see Captain's frozen self??

here's a pic, outlining cap's frozen self for ya....

there ya have it fello freeks, a freeky-peek of things to come!!

can't wait!!

The Freek!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A tale of two Freaks!

bonus time folks ( is there ever any other?) today, we meet two of the bestest, ogres that ever stepped out in the silver screen...one's red, the other green..together they're a christmas miracle!here then is the awesome twosome....
summoned from the depths of hell, by none other than Rasuptin himself, Anung un Rama or Hellboy; is the awesome creation of artist Mike Mignola, who was first depicted in Dark Horse Comics. Hellboy has since been associated with not one but two grotesquely wonderful movies directed by Guillermo Del Toro: Hellboy, his Right Hand of Doom and the Good Samaritan have since been involved in preventing demons, nazis and various other montstrosities from taking over earth (too bad they didn't use him to stop Fuld!!)...
Shrek :

Shrek, (better known as the movie franchise, that pays for Mike Myers, and Eddie Murphy's grocery bills), is about the adventures of the above pictured green giant, and his marraige into royalty, and his reluctant adventures forced upon him by his in-laws!!!
based on William Steig's picture book of the same name, the Shrek movie series, thanks to the voice credits of Myers, Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and of course Anotonio Banderas ahve since gone on to oscar glory, and gazillions of dollars at the box office..
Wasn't I the original green giant????

There u have them folks, two distinct grotesque heroes, in two disticnt comic universes, and yet is some freeeeeky way (is there ever another???) the two have seemingly a lot in common...
a) the reluctant superhero: Both Shrek and Hellboy, are thrust unwillingly into the limelight, while Hellboy's organisation, BRPD is at pains to keep him under wraps, Shrek is too reluctantly dragged from the comforts of his swamp home when pestered to do so, by the fellow creatures of his forest..

b) Hottie onthe side: Both our freaks, have unsurprisingly met their foil in a hottie, who is their companion in all their mis-adventures, played by Selma Blair (Hell boy) and Cameron Diaz(Shrek) these ladies provide the emotional support that our misunderstood leads need indulging in general ass-kickery all around!

Flaming Hottie! I was in Charlies' Angels!!
While the Freek will gladly snuggle into bed with either of the two dishes above, I gotta admit, the pyrokinetic Liz sherman, played by Selma Blair takes the term hottie to a whole new level!!

c) wierdo side-kick: there's no putting across tis one gently folks, how else would u describe a telepathic fish-man and a talking -nay-singing Donkey that follow around or heroes in their respective mis-deeds!! Glorious that our heroes may be in their beastly glory, they would be much the less poorer were it not for Abe Sapien (hellboy) and Donkey (shrek) .

Lean, green telepathic machine meets Beverley Hill's Ass!!

d) Evil Prince: Amongst the various evil-folk that our two heroes have encountered, are two evil ( is an issue of perspective really!) princes, while Hellboy in his latest movie adventure, contends with the freakily pale Prince Nuala who is intent on world control, Shrek has to deal with an equally crafty yet more amorous Prince charming (voiced by Rupert Everett) who has amorous designs on Princess Fiona ( for heaven's sake man, she's green!!)

Ladies Love the Hair!!

There u have it folks, a freeky look at two seemingly different, yet eerily similar FREAKS!


an extra freeky:

Sabka Baap hoon main!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Freaks on Film - 2

the Freek is back folks, and with a double treat, for not only are we slithering our scaly selfs onto foregin cinema, but we are also dealing with one of the creepiest freek on screen....ever!!!

Ep 2: Audition

Japanese cinema, has been obsessed with having its female characters,dress up in a school-girl outfits, ( not that the Freek is complaining!), but this little gem from horror cinema's Picasso; Takashi Miike gives the school-girl theme a kick in its *ss!!
considered by many, including horror-meister Rob Zombie to have the most disturbing torture scene in cinema ever, the Freek has also repeatedly seen this little gem, and the "school-girl" character feature in several "scariest-ever" horror lists!
The movie involves an innovative father and son duo who decide to have an audition to help the widowed father "scout" for his next bride...all goes seemingly well, till they land up with....

this docile little missy above, and then to say that the shit hits the ceiling, is an understatement....is indeed ummm..an understatement!!
the film features Miike's trademark fetishes such as themes of incest, torture, the odd surreal scene, and oh yes...something in a little bag, that moves!

is your freek sense tingling? that familiar chill run down u spine, the Freek lets you have a peek at the good stuff
here.! but beware, warned - wear drak pants while watching this one, no one likes a soiler!!!


an extra freeky - do you think the school - girl above is related to Gogo Yubari?

p.s.s. t. : Reevi, this one's for u bud!!!


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