Monday, October 13, 2008

Sneak Freek I : The Captain Cometh!!!!

T'is the season to be yankee folks!!!
cause its raining, red, blue, white, and ....shields! Confused? ( no worries, i have spent most of my life in that manner!!)
Take a sneek peak then...or take two, at comicdom's most politically correct hero...
Captain America!!!!!!

The Freek has giggled like.....well a giggly little girl, ever since Marvel Comics decided to get of its paperback ass, and take creative control of the celluloid avatars, of its various comic characters. yes, there were naysayers, who thought that Marvel were best to be kept away from these dangerous waters, which were best suited for a major studio. its these very naysayers, that crumpled under Iron Man's armoured ass, and mangled under the new Hulk's green toesies!
and, for those freeks among who have kept pace, with the two celluloid ventures, have been given a tantalising whiff of things to come, that is Marvel intends to culminate its above mentioned franchises, into ..."THE AVENGERS MOVIE"
If what the Freek overhears is indeed correct, there will be at least one more Avenger addded to the star-cast, right after he gets his own movie, of course!! that's right fellow Freeks, the next superhero to hit the silver screen from the Marvel stable is none other than...
Captain America himself!!!!
Take a look at the itsy-bitsy hint that Marvel offered us in Iron-Man

Take a look behind Tony's Armoured armpit, to see that familiar glimpse of red-blue and white.
Designing that special shield for someone special are we mr. Stark
And then with the new Hulk movie came in further proof....

Take a look at this deleted scene from the new Hulk movie, where Bruce Banner, walking across Antartica, walks across, the frozen body guessed it!! ( sorry folks, but that's the best screen resolution shot that can be managed in my evil lair)

are your evil eyes straining, to see Captain's frozen self??

here's a pic, outlining cap's frozen self for ya....

there ya have it fello freeks, a freeky-peek of things to come!!

can't wait!!

The Freek!

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