Friday, May 20, 2011

Dark Knight 2 - Bane Revealed!!!!

A Batty hello frEek fellows!

Shortly after last week's expose on the shooting of the Dark Knight Rises in Jodhpur Fort, comes this Bat-errific update:

Warner Brother's has quietly launched the website for the Dark Knight Rises , the website features a strange chanting going on, which probably has something to do with the "birth" of Bane from the Lazarus Pit.

The clincher however, is the first look at none other than BANE as portrayed by Tom Hardy...feast your eyes!

BANE baby!!

You heard it first here folks!!!


Monday, May 9, 2011

India - The Home for Superheroes!!

A Mid-Week hello, frEek fellows!!

It seems of late, that our India has become home-ground to the shooting of the hottest upcoming superhero movies.

First up are set-photos (from Mehul Gohil) from the Jodhpur Fort of none other than "The Dark Knight Rises" being the latest in Christopher Nolan's acclaimed Batman Trilogy. Check them out..

The pictures of the "lake" below are being rumored to be the "Lazarus Pit" which gives R'as Al Ghul his immortality and power.

Set reports have also indicated that the shooting of a scene where a "bald headed" boy rises from the said lake. This boy probably grows up to be Batman's nemesis "Bane" who is trained by R'as Al Ghul. FanfrEeks will recollect that Tom-Hardy is scheduled to play Bane in this upcoming movie.

Actor Tom Hardy who will be playing Bane

The below photo shows Actor Tom Pence ( who plays the younger R'as Al Ghul) roaming around Jodhpur (India).

As if this wasn't enough to have us fanfrEeks wetting ourselves, come these set pictures from Alberquerue, where Marvel's super-hero extravaganza "THE AVENGERS" is being filmed.

However a closer look at the set pictures reveal that the shop signs are in Hindi, which leads to speculation on whether a portion of the film will be set in India, however it could well be Pakistan or Afghanistan as fan-frEeks will remember the capture of Tony Stark in the first Iron-Man movie by the terrorist Raza in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, it's fun to see an "Adarsh Mithaiwalla" billboard in a superhero film!!

Till next time...stay freEeked!!


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