Saturday, April 24, 2010

bollywood tribute to twitter!

A tweeted hellos, my freEky fellows!

With its limited vocabulary of 140 characters or less, it has managed to keep celebs in touch with their salivating fans and more revently...dethrone ministers, uncover scams and if word is to believed Mumbai Police will be forming their own tweet-cell to help them uncover corruption (just kidding!!)

That's right folks the phenomenon that is TWITTER is indeed here to stay, and as a tribute to this chirpy little wonder, we present Bollywood's first song tribute to Twittter...

That's right folks, Bollywood's greatest showman; Raj Kapoor had predicted the phemonenon that Twittter would be, way before its actual existence (he just mis-spelled a few alphabets that's all)!!

Bollywood - will its wonders never cease!!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dinner For Schmucks - Will Carell eat Pathak's Bheja?

A mid-week hello, my freEk fellows!!

That glorious web of deceit, that is the internet just threw up the trailer for Judd Apatow's latest "Dinner for Shmucks". Any freEk worth his salt will indeed be reminded of Sagar Ballary's suplerlative BhejaFry (2007) which in itself was a copy of the french masterpiece Le Dîner de cons.

Dinner for Shmucks stars Steve Carrel as Barry (in the Vinay Pathak role) and Paul Rudd as Tim (in Rajat Kapoor's role). Zach Galifanakis ( "Hangover") also stars in what appears to be the role played by Ranvir Sheorey in Bheja Fry, although Zach's character is shown to be competing with Steve Carell's character when the dinner starts. FreEks will remember that Bheja.. never showed the actual dinner taking place, and this is perhaps where the Hollywood version will differ from its Indian counterpart.

Many will agree that Bheja Fry, was one of the funniest works to come by in the starved for genuine humour industry that is Bollywood. It remains to be seen whether Apatow and his crew mess this up, or take this up to a whole new level!

see ya the movies freEks!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FIRED - Scariest Bollywood Movie...ever?

A daraawna hello, my frEeky fellows!!

For reasons best left unsaid, Horror has always been a genre that Bollywood has shied away from. Apart from valiant stints by the Ramsay Brothers (Khooni Panja, Khooni Darwaza, Khooni(insert random noun here) and so on....) and Vikram Bhatt's "inspired" series of horror movies ( Raaz, Shaapit) Bollywood has generally shied away from this genre.

Which is why the promo for Rahul Bose's latest offering "Fired" has me in a tizzy! Well, although not purely a bollywood movie, it does star a largely Indian cast and is directed by Sajit Warrier. Fired has Rahul playing a "lay-off" expert who has been given the unenvious taks of laying off 80 people in one evening and begins to see horrible visions while left alone in office, are they real or is he hallucinating from the impending guilt of ruining so many lives??? Watch the movie and find out!!!

Fired appears to be a curious mix of "Up in the Air" (directed byJason Reitman) and "Audition" (directed by Takashi Miike) , the movie is set to release soon within our shores and I for one wholeheartedly welcome what promises to be a full-on gorefest ...with a desi tadka!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Movie Review: Clash of the titans!

A Mythical hello, my freEk fellows,

Surely James Cameron must have realised the implications of unleashing the 3D
(enhanced) technology, that he would be opening quite the Pandora's box, for wasn't the planet in Avatar called Pandora!

Studios today are falling over themselves to create/re-create every adventure epic possible and the latest cinematic offering to get the remake treatment is 1981's Clash of the Titans

What it is: Clash of the Titans is the mythical story of demi-god Perseus who undertakes an epic journey to fend off Hades ( the god of the underworld) from destroying Earth.

How it is: On paper Clash Of The Titans could well be one of the biggest earners ever, with a stellar cast having Sam "Avatar" Worthington as Perseus, Liam Neeson as "Zeus" and Ralph Fiennes as "Hades" not to mention a bevy of digitally created monsters such as gigantic scorpions, the lovely Medusa and the horrible horror that is the KRAKEN! In reality though, the lead actors sleepwalk through their roles, in fact when Perseus manages to mount the winged Pegasus we are all but reminded of the similar scene in Avatar when Jake Scully ( also played by Worthington) manages to mount the Turak Makto in Avatar.

Even the CGI created KRAKEN, leaves you yearning for the rather cute KRAKEN puppet that starred in the 1981 original.


An iffish two the 1981 version instead!!


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