Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FIRED - Scariest Bollywood Movie...ever?

A daraawna hello, my frEeky fellows!!

For reasons best left unsaid, Horror has always been a genre that Bollywood has shied away from. Apart from valiant stints by the Ramsay Brothers (Khooni Panja, Khooni Darwaza, Khooni(insert random noun here) and so on....) and Vikram Bhatt's "inspired" series of horror movies ( Raaz, Shaapit) Bollywood has generally shied away from this genre.

Which is why the promo for Rahul Bose's latest offering "Fired" has me in a tizzy! Well, although not purely a bollywood movie, it does star a largely Indian cast and is directed by Sajit Warrier. Fired has Rahul playing a "lay-off" expert who has been given the unenvious taks of laying off 80 people in one evening and begins to see horrible visions while left alone in office, are they real or is he hallucinating from the impending guilt of ruining so many lives??? Watch the movie and find out!!!

Fired appears to be a curious mix of "Up in the Air" (directed byJason Reitman) and "Audition" (directed by Takashi Miike) , the movie is set to release soon within our shores and I for one wholeheartedly welcome what promises to be a full-on gorefest ...with a desi tadka!!


kay said...

the trailer is scary...hope the film is good and not like Vikram Bhatt's illogical B grade horror flicks

aditisen said...

Khooni Panja is not by the Ramsays. Since you like horror films keep in mind the Ramsays were the pioneers in this field. And do watch 'Gehrayee' before you start branding all Bollywood horror.

shahrukh_dev2006 said...

good movie ever


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