Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still greedy, after all these years!

There's a defining scene towards the middle of Oliver Stone's Wall Street, where Wall Street Raider extraordinaire :Gordon Gekko points out to Bud Fox, played by Charlie Sheen from the window of his limo to a beggar, and a businessman and quizzes rhetorically:
"Do you mean to say that the difference between this man, and that, is luck?"
Yes, the bright suspenders and over gelled hair may be a thing of the past, but the eponymous character who hates lunches and randomly quotes sun-tzu; apparently has managed to weather two decades and the recent financial trumoil, and is poised for a second outing on screen
The Freek has confirmed news of studio honchos fastracking a sequel to the mis-deeds of Gekko, is a soon to be released motion picture.
The Freek put on his thinking cap (yes, he does posess one) and ponders if this is indeed the time for churning out Gekko's return? Surely as we reel with the blows dealt by the ongoing economic crises, and watch financial monoliths bite the dust on a daily basis, are we still eager to lap-up a movie about the excesses of financial cavalierism?
Perhaps, there is more to it than meets my evil eye, for was not Wall-Street, a cautionary tale about the evils of monetary malpractices in the first place? Take a look a Gekko's immortalised speech here, and feel free to substitute "Teldar Papers" with ummm...."Lehman" or another highly leveraged financial house in the recent past. Do your scaly spines not shiver with how closely Gekko's barbs about the malpractices of the higher management ring a bell about the pay-packets of a certain Mr. Fuld and his coterie? And yes, Gekko does go to jail in the end!
So, there you have it! while Gekko's villain, did manage to carve himself as a role model, (check out this valiant, yet decidedly second place attempt here), his message perhaps lay in the right place. Is not Gekko's tale a cautionary message then on the evils of a financial sector run-amok?
The very message, used as the weapon of choice by none other than Barack himself?
Well, dig out your shovels then my fellow freeks and lend a helping hand in the resurrection of this wall street warror of yore and hope that he is man enough to take on the bulls, bears and other beasts of Wall Street this time around!!
extra freeky: Gekko, was in no small part based on the exploits of trader Ivan Boesky.

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