Sunday, September 28, 2008

So long Paul....

there's very little that I can write about Paul Newman that hasn't been eulogised already on the event of his very unfortunate death

his effortless cool, innate sense of style and the ability to give a sublime performance pitted against some of hollywood's leading Cruise in the Colour of Money, Willis in Nobody's Fool and Hanks in the Road to Perdition is well documented.

it will be hard to pick a singluar favourite in his stellar array past works, so i'll be biased and choose :

The Verdict (1982)

Paul Newman plays a lawyer (like yours truly) plagued with alcoholism, and the demons of his past, who is assigned to the case of a raped, comatose girl; which case everyone around wants closed qiuckly. Tempted by the easy money in the case, the slow germination of his character's conscience as he struggles to get justice for his client, is nothing short of briiliance.

The last one came across a similar legal drama, was the Michael Clayton, and i would invite fellow freeks out there to watch these two movies, and there is no doubt in my mind on which would emerge as the winner (vis-a-vis performance of the actor in the lead).

Goodbye mr. Newman,

u will be missed!!!


an little freaky: Mr. Newman, shortly before his death donated the earnings of his "Newman's Own" business being about USD 120 million to charity...

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