Saturday, September 27, 2008

In cinema we trust...

for all u Depp lovers, out there, is abeen a triple treat....with the recent news of johnny Boy...

acting in a new Pirates of Caribbean Movie (maybe it will involve saving Orlando bloom from this freaking horrible ad)!!

and then as Mad Hatter in a new Alice in Wonderland live action movie be followed by ...wait for it.....TONTO!!! the new LONE RANGER MOVIE!

is there a common trend here.....(umm apart from the fact that Depp stars in all of them)

or is the theme of escapist fantasy too prevalent in all of the movies above....

a freaking coincedence....or is there more to it than meets my evil eye???

Fellow Freeks may remember a similar time, when Hollywood studios chose to tread the path of escapism and magic....a time which was called by some as Hollywood's "golden era" era ironically.. which was .the same time.. as the Great Depression in the U.S.A.

It was these trying times in the USA, that saw the release of some everlasting classics such as "King- Kong", "Wizard of OZ" (see an Alice. link here??) ..and of course, "Gone with Wind"

is it but natural, that in these times, of uncertain markets. and wobbling economies, that Hollywood once provides the viewer, with the safe haven of mystical and unseen worlds, of lands where the impossible is possible, and where ....unlike in real life, things do turn out all right in the end!

makes ya freaking think!!!
Film Freek

a little about a remake of the "Grapes of Wrath", Depp, would surely be ideal!

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