Saturday, September 27, 2008

Freaks on Film - 1

A smiley hello, frEek fellows!

sure, the world loves, a leading man, chocolate looks, grizzled chest (umm...or a waxed one if that tickles ur fancy), it's on the rippling shoulders of such leading men that many a damsel in cinematic distress is rescued, evil geniuses and their freeking assistants (much like yours truly) are overthrown, and celluloid dreams are built.

This column, is fortunately, on none of such #$%#$s! This column, is my miniscule attempt to immortalize the fiendish, scary, offbeat, ghouly...freaks that have thrilled us in movies of yore!

this is a tribute then, to Freeks on Film!!!!

Ep -1 : The Man who Laughs

given the recent (and well deserved i might add) brou-haha about the portrayal of a certain funny man (errr...Joker) , in a little known movie about a vigilante superhero (yes, yes, the Dark Knight!); I believe its but fair to pay tribute to the screen portrayal that established the Joker's character to begin with....

T a look at the pic above, strangely enough, "The Man Who Laughs" from which this picture is taken, and Conrad Veidt, who played the eponymous character, had nothing remotely to do with any ploy involving any bat, cat or any other costumed superhero!

The movie, is a dark, superbly ironic tale, about a court minister's boy, whose face is forcefully disfigured into a smile, when he dares to laugh at the King's mishap of tripping over in court.

Branded a freak for life, he joins a circus and even catches the fancy of the princess who believe it or not, has a thing for such oddly distorted gentlemen ( this column is about them u know!) sounds creepy? now's here's the best part! it was the very picture above, that a little known comic writer named Bob Kane provided to his illustrators, when they set out to publish that comic book known to all you freeks out there as Batman! and that my freeks, was how this little known movie became the basis for the greatest comic book villain, and one of the greatest cinematic freeks of all time!!

u gotta give credit, where credit is due!!!!!!

Stay Freeked!

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