Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Namaste fellow frEEks,

Those amongst us who have caught a glimpse of Vishal Bhardwaj's latest offering KAMINEY ( you can visit my review here) have caught it's subtle nods to Hollywood offerings in the same genre i.e. films by Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. What particularly got this frEEk thinking ( yes, there are moments when this happens!) were the sly references to one particular classic, Tarantino's "PULP FICTION" here's how:

a) Rocking Theme Song: Pulp Fiction, contained an awesome retro soundtrack, however one track in particular stood out; MISIRLOU by Dickie Dale, this insanely catchy number, was featured in all the initial promos for Pulp Fiction; take a look-see below:

Kaminey, too features a frenetic guitar pitched number "Dhan-Te-Nan" a duet between Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani, the number, also featured in all Kaminey's initial promos, is by no means a rip-off but does pay subtle homage to MISRLOU, see for yourself:

b) That Darn Watch: A Rolex watch forms an integral part of Pulp Fiction's plot line, In a cameo, Captain Koons (played superbly by Christopher Walken) gifts young Butch (Bruce Willis' character) his father's watch, Koons serves with Butch's father in the Vietnam war, and to prevent the Viets from stealing the watch, hides the watch up his ass! before dying from dysentry, he hands over the watch to Koons ( who hides it up his own ass) before presenting the watch to youn Butch. It is the very watch, that the older Butch ( played by Bruce Willis) loses on the run from his "owner" Marsellus ( played by Ving Rhames) which leads in turn to Marsellus sending Vincent Vega (played by John Travolta) to kill Butch. Take a look at the hilarious Christopher Walken cameo below..

In Kaminey, too a Rolex watch plays a critical part in the movie, where Guddu's and Charlie's
(played by Shahid Kapoor)father steals a Rolex, and Charlie has to obtain money to bribe the cops to set their father free. You can get a fleeting glimpse of the Rolex in the promo below

So there you have it fellow frEEkies, again by no means is Kaminey a rip-off of Pulp Fiction, but the homages are well and truly frEEky!

extra frEEky: Kaminey is playing at your friendly neigbourhood cinema, you can purchase Pulp Fiction here

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