Friday, August 28, 2009


Salaam Namaste and a million hellos my frEEk fellows!

Although it hasn't quite reached our shores as yet, the AVATAR has well and truly landed! That's right folks, The movie, 14 years in the making, one that is set to the change the face of cinema as we know it, finally revealed itself to select audiences in theaters worldwide in the form of a trailer like no other.

What makes Avatar so special you say, well if you remember it comes to us from the stables of sci-fi movie maker James Cameron who gaves us summer masterpieces such as Aliens, the Aliens (1986) Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and yes that movie about the ship which hit an iceberg and sank! Avatar boasts a stellar cast of new and young actors including the first lady of sci-fi films Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation) but what really sets apart is that AVATAR incorporates an as yet unheralded technology (codenamed PANDORA) which allows the viewer to have an IMAX - 3D experience, that's right folks, not only will the images in this movie be larger than life, they will actually immerse you in the proceedings!

AVATAR, at its core is the futuristic story of a crippled soldier; Jake Sully played by Worthington, who is "mind-melded" into the body of a Na'avi alien, In his new "Avatar" (yes that is a sanksrit term - for new form!) he visits the Na'avi planet called PANDORA ( do u recollect reading that term elsewhere in this post?) and falls for a female Na'avi, named Neyetri played (voiced) by Zoe Saldaña in the lush surroundings of Pandora. Trouble ensues when the human corporation, that funded Sully's mind meld arrive to colonize ( read rule) over PANDORA,Sully now choose over what his duty orders, or what his heart tell him to do!

Already AVATAR's plot has come under criticism, for being glaringly similar to the "white man saves the natives plot" found in pictures such as Dances with Wolves or even "The Last Samurai", and admittedly it is, but what one must remember is that while AVATAR may not promise the most original of story lines, it does promise to change the way we experience cinema. Already there is talk of future blockbusters such as IRON MAN -2 utilising similar technology, and so while AVATAR may or may not go on to beat TITANIC ( incidentally alos Cameron's film) it will take the cinema viewing expericne on a thrill never before experienced, and for this to Mr. James Cameron, we express our frEEkiest thanks!!!

extra frEEky: Is it just my frEEking mind, or can similarities be drawn with the exiled hero of AVATAR, to another blue skinned being that we are familar with, bot of course were AVATARS!! let the controversies begin!!

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