Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Money Never Sleeps : Wall Street 2 news!!

Hello my awaiting freaks,

mucho apologies for the delayed post, and a special thank - shout out those who wrote back. To make amends, we have some much anticipated news from the stables of Oliver Stone & Co, as reported by the frEEk in his earlier post, the shooting of the much inspirational 1980s movie WALL STREET, titled "THE MONEY NEVER SLEEPS" is well underway. Feast your eyes on old Oliver Stone directing Shia LaBeouf who plays a young investment banker with Frank Langella playing his mentor of sorts.

The plot revolves around Laboeuf's character whose mentor dies under suspicious circumstances, with the evidence pointing to a Hedge Fund Manager played by Josh Brolin. What can Laboeuf do but call on Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) who has since been released from jail, and is now a lecturer to help him settle scores with the wrong-doers. Gekko himself has a personal agenda and wants to get back with his daughter played by newbie actress Carey Mulliganwho has left him after his arrest, and who is seeing Laboeuf's character in the movie! The movie of course is set against the chaotic world of stocks, hedge funds and of course investment banks.

There will be frEEks amongst you who will ask whether a movie which portrayed the excesses of financial mismanagement is relevant in today's world, well of course it is! Wasn't the recent anniversary of the the Lehman Brothers crash recently remembered with the same grief that that other heinous event in September: the fall of the World Trade Center?

With Obama's recent cautionary note to Wall Street's misuse of the recent rally in stock markets still ringing in our ears, there is no infact no better time for this sequel starring a multi oscar winning cast of Stone, Douglas, Susan Sarandon (and yes Charlie Sheen does cameo) to unfold before us, and no better person than that fiscal combat warrior Gecko to show us the path!

Is it too much ask then for a bit cameo, from Obie himself? after all Stone has previously handled U.S. Presidents in his scathingily comic "W" based on George W. Bush, one can't frEEking wait!

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