Thursday, July 23, 2009

G.O.A.T : Gayest Of All Time!

Hello my drenched freeklettes,

It's been a while since my last post, so as a special treat, and in celebration of this wee Blog crossing 30 posts, we present to you my discerning frEEk, a countdown of the Gayest films that ever hit celluloid. Sure you have heard of the biggest sci-fi flicks, or the most romantic mushy sappy fests, but have you wondered what the gayest movies ever are? well, wait no longer and read on..

It's taken us hours n hours of back breaking, crotch scratching work to come up with perhaps the definitive list, and so without further ado, we present the winners:


What it is? : That's right folks , behind all the machismo, muscles and aggressive posturing of this movie, lies a tender love story, where everyone's favorite dim-witted (read large hearted) Rocky Balboa(played by Stallone) gets his ass whupped a tough-as-nails Clubber Lang (played by Mr. T.) , and with unceremonious death of his mentor Mickey, Rocky has no one to turn to but his former competitor Apollo Creed ( played by Carl Weathers), what follows is a muscular romance, as Apollo instills some much needed "confidence" back into the "Italian Stallion" ( tell me if that isn't a gay name!) . Take a look at the below training montage, don't the Stallion and Apollo make a lovely couple as the jog into the morning sunrise or grapple each other after a sweaty workout, just a wee - bit umm, gay? look at how the camera caresses their rippling muscles and bulging .... you can't ignore the sizzling chemistry between the two

Gay Giveaways:

a) Slow-Mo Shots of sweaty briefly clad men? - yes!
b) Mucho tears on the death of a beloved "mentor" - yes!
c) Suggestive gay innuendo? - the "favour" that Apollo asks of Rocky!
So, there you have it folks, one of cinedom's most-loved macho tales, was in fact a paean to "brotherly love", still don't believe me, take a look at a collage of some of the more intriguing scenes in the film, Ding-Ding, Round's Over!!!


That's right folks, in second place is Ramesh Sippy's curry western, and perhaps the best-loved movie from the loins of Bollywood.

What it is? - Come on, do I really have to tell you!!

You can ride (my bike) anytime baby!
Gay Giveaways:
a) Two men doting over each other than respective ladyloves! the two macho guys even sings songs of their love to each other which suspicsiously go "yeh dosti hum nahin todanGAY!", and vow to each other that "tera saath na chodenGAY", I mean do u really need me to go on!
b) A Dacoit living on his lonesome, with his band of men, with a not a woman in sight? - yes! Sure Gabbar Singh is the biggest badass ever on Hindi cinema, but what do u make of a guy who is interested in the lads, rather than the women, for doesn't his most famous line go "KITNAY AADMI THE!" really now Gabbar!


And going, nay soaring all the way to the top is the classic actioner from the 80s; that's right frEEks, the G.O.A.T. of all time is none other than TOP GUN!

What it is? : Well, a movie about fighter pilots, who wear Ray-Bans!

Gay Giveaways:
a) Semi Nude Hunks: Top Gun revels us with Semi-Naked Pilots that love the sight of each other! !

Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that!

b) Endorsement by Quentin Tarantino: So powerful is the gay mythos, in this movie, that one of favorite frEEk directors, Quentin Tarantino actually makes a movie appearance in the movie "SLEEP WITH ME" describing Tom Cruise's character "Maverick" brush with homosexuality! Take a look below!

So there you have it folks, the Gayest movie of all time, who would have known!! and as icing on your frEEking pie, here's once again Tarantino's dailogue interspersed with some "interesting" dialogue from the movie, finally out there for the world to see!

extra frEEKy: Is good to be back folks!

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