Saturday, November 29, 2008

Everyone loves a comeback!!

Before we jump into the slime that is today's post, let us take a minute to salute all those brave officers, policemen and security personnel that lost their lives while protecting us, during the recent tragic events that befell our beloved city of Mumbai.You will be remembered always.
While we wait our beloved city to recover and make a comeback from the dastardly wounds recently inflicted upon it, the Freek ponders upon comeback kids, that have managed to stage a comeback in real and reel life!
1. John Travolta

That's right folks, the Mr.-Bust-a-move himself suffered a crashing setback in his film career after the above pictured legendary movie role. Johnny boy was shoved in the deep basement of forgotten popculture trivia right along with that that shiny disco ball, and that polyester suit. And while he featured in such sappy crap such as Look Who's talking and its innumerable sappier sequels (yes, yes I've seen them all!! and so have you!); he could never make up for his lost glory until.....
That's right peeps, It was this frenetic razor-witted ensemble piece of a movie which depicted John as Vincent Vega - a fast food addicted, assassin who wants to do the tango with his boss's wife played by the saucy Uma Thurman - that bought back Mr. Travolta in the limelight.
There are more classic scenes in this one than the Freek has warts, so i'll keep this a surprise, and let you check out my fav, by clicking on the picture above. enjoy!!!

Mickey Rourke:

What can I say about the Mick..starrer of such classic manly-man movies like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (click on the poster to watch the coolest opening scene...well of 1988 at least!!) Mick, also was the subject of my pre-pubescent idol worship for getting Kim Basinger to beg, swallow and..yes strip in that much paused, and rewinded movie of the eighties: Nine and a Half Weeks!
(go on and click on that title you perv..and thank me later!!) The Mick went on to make some very wierd career and personal choices, including pursuing a professional boxing career and even joining the Hell's Angels!
The downward spiral had just begun for Mick who lapsed into a severe drug habit that left him looking about ageing gracefully!!
All seemed lost, until...

Bruised, battered, steroidal..and totally badassed (I'm talking about Mick here!) Mick's porrtrayal of the vengeful Marv in the comic-book-to-screed adaptation of Frank Miller's "Sin-City" (yes,yes click away!!!) The Mick fit right in this film-noir ensemble piece...and has never looked back!! As we speak, Mick and his latest cinematic offering The Wrestler is gathering serious oscar buzz!! (click away on the title for the trailer) See you at the awards Mick!!!

Robert Downey Jr.

When you have scored two of the year's biggest blockbusters, it's hard to believe RDJ has been through the career turmoil that he has gone through of past..drug addiction, rehab, and more office disasters than the zits on my left cheek have frequented this man's past. It is his drug addiction that cost RDJ his promising role in the overtly weepy, yet hugely popular Ally Mcbeal (click on the title to watch RDJ clear his vocal chords on the said show!) While he made a comeback of sorts in the hugely underrated Kiss-Kiss -Bang-Bang starring the other under-rated Val-Kilmer, it was not until RDJ decided to don a bit of red-and-gold and go the summer blockbuster route..that he hit block office gold!!!

Propped up as the Marvel's answer to that lesser known superhero called Dark Knight, RDJ's impact can be seen in the fact that he even featured Marvel's next superhero offering: the Incredible Hulk - click on the title to watch the Hulk trailer featuring who else..RDJ!!
Not content with just one box-office goldmine, RDJ let loose, in the amazingly satirical

Tropic Thunder - check out the hilarious trailer right there!! RDJ in a tribute/kick in the pants to all "method" actors plays Kirk Lazarus (click on the title to see his faux website...heelaareyous!!) a five time oscar winning, australian actor, who undergoes plastic surgery to take on the role of a african american platoon sergeant named Lincoln Osiris! soon enuf, Lincoln is required to disguise himself as a chinese drug trader, which leads him to lead this marvelous dialogue..
"I'm just a dude playing a dude, disguised as ....a dude!!"
Whatever he be playing today, RDJ is sure to hit pay-dirt!!!
So there you have it folks, comebacks are all around us, and if I have inspired you freeks to be inspired to put you fears away, and help get this wonderful city back to its crazy buzz, then i'll consider it a post, well done!!
a little freeky: Mumbai's the best!!!

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