Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oscar 2011 - Our FrEeking View!

An Academy hello frEek fellows!

Tomorrow, the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars will be handed out to apparentlythe best in western cinema. Here's a freEking look at the possible winners..

I. Best Lead Actor:

This year features a whole melee of actors from the seasoned Jeff Bridges (True Grit) to the newbie Jessie Eisenberg (the Social Network), the charismatic James Franco (127 hours) and of course Colin Firth ( the King's speech).

And the winner is:

While Bridges delivers a great performance in True Grit, he comes fresh of an Oscar win last year, and the chances of him winning are slim, similarly Eisenberg is too new on the horizon, and it will be very un-Academyish to award this new an Actor. James Franco has been chosen to host the Awards this year, and it would indeed be cheesy for the host to walk away with an Award (these are the Oscars, and not the Filmfare awards!!). We thus zero down on Colin Firth in the King's Speech to hoist the statuette this year!

II. Best Lead Actress:

From previous oscar awardee Nicole Kidman (the rabbit hole) to the overlooked talent of Anette Bening (The Kids are all right!), the gritty Michele Williams (Blue Valentine), the subtle performance of Jennifer Lawrence ( A Winter's Bone) and of course the tumultuous Natalie Portman (The Black Swan); this year features a vast pool of female talent wanting to fondle the naked golden man ( The Oscar statute of course!!)

And the winner is:

While Michele Williams delivered a gut wrenching performance in Blue Valentine, it may be too hard hitting for most, Nicole Kidman's weepy turn in "Rabbit Hole" may be overlooked as she is a past awardee, Jennifer Lawrence will go unawarded due to the small (indie) nature of her film, leading to the tussle between Annete Bening and Natalie Portman. The Academy often awards aging actresses for their body of work, knowing that their body of work may not get them nominated again (yes, like Sandra Bullock for the Blind Side!), and by this logic, Ms. Bening should be honoured, but if the hype (and justified performance) are to be believed, it could be Portman's year for balancing this very difficult role, and making the otherwise incredulous "Black Swan" seem notches better than it actually was!

Best Director:

Ooh boy, is the Academy stuck for choice here! From the mind*ck cinema of Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) to David Fincher (Social Network) previous winners the Coen Brothers (True Grit) and Tom Hooper ( King's speech)

And the winner is: The Coen Brothers have been Academy darlings, with 3 wins between them, the real tussle is between Tom Hooper and Fincher, with Fincher having that slender edge due to Social Network's "cool factor"

Best Picture:

described above, there is no clear winner in this year's list, but I am going with the King's Speech, given its build up as the crowd favourite, and has peaked in curiosity factor, at the right time!!


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reevi said...

Pretty Close! The Freek lost the Directors Oscar


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