Saturday, December 18, 2010

TRON: LEGACY unfulfilled

A Sci-fi hello, frEek fellows,

This week saw the release of Disney's much anticipated sequel to its 1984 TRON. Coming nearly thirty years after its path-breaking predecessor; TRON: LEGACY promises the next step in Graphic Imaging.. the future of cinema after Avatar's path breaking effects, does it deliver, well freeking read on...

What it is? : Tron Legacy tells the tale of Kevin Flynn (Garett Hedlund) who is the son of TRON's protagonist Sam Flynn ( Jeff Bridges), Kevin a maverick hacker decides to investigate his father Sam's disappearance and ends up following him into the digitized universe known as TRON. Neon suits, lightcycles and techno music follow!!

Glow Baby Glow!!!

What Works
: TRON: LEGACY, promised the next level in cinematic effects, and it manages to live upto that promise in part. The Lightcycle battles are truly amazing experience to watch on screen. Tron: Legacy also features Jeff Bridges in two roles, and he tries valiantly, to succeed in both while succeeding. Tron: Legacy also enjoys the collective presence of beauties such as Olivia Wilde, Beau Garett and YaYa Dacosta and Serinda Swan..or better explained in the below picture!!!

go buy your!!!

What doesn't: TRON, released in 1984 had all the hallmarks of a typical Walt Disney movie; namely a good looking hero who is capable of extreme physical action and at the same time can hack into the most complex of computer systems in a matter of seconds. An over the top bad guy, a sympathetic, ultra-hot yet tough female lead and of course the uber-cool lightcycle. Where TRON-LEGACY majorly falters is that in upgrading the cinematic effects, it neglects to upgrade the story line and ends up in a laughable plot with some laugahble lines. Jeff Bridges in his two roles as the genius scientist Sam flynn, is left mouthing 70s lingo such as "cool" "radical" and wait for this.."knock on the!" to distinguish himself from his evil clone CLU (a CGI generated younger Jeff Bridges).

The Verdict: TRON: Legacy, was hailed as the next Avatar, and instead it ends up resulting in being a half-hearted mish mash of its predecessor. A lesson that fancy-packaging cannot disguise an empty doesn't that sound like something Sam Flynn would say!!

A disappointing two FreEkies!!

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