Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Fighter - A Knockout at the Oscars?

A Punching Hello, frEeK fellows!!!

The trailer for David O' Russel's " The Fighter" hits the internet today. The Fighter tells the true life story of Irish boxer Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) who, coached by his brother played by Christian Bale, went on to become a boxing legend. Bale's character is an ex-boxer who succumbs to drug addiction and to his credit Bale looks the part of a recovering drug addict! Mark Wahlberg, reportedly trained for two years to get the fighting skills required for this movie.

The Fighter, is not a very new story, but what will set it apart, is the performance of its lead cast, and accordingly is being released in December, to be close to the Oscars.
Will it score a knockout at the Oscars? time will tell...


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