Saturday, November 14, 2009


Vadakam and hellos, my frEEky fellows!!

Kamal Haasan, the actor, the star and the one man movie industry completed 50 movies this year, while praise showered upon him, is as redundant as blaming Pakistan for terrorism, we tread down memory lane to look at some his best work over the years, get yourself ready fellow freEks for:

Kamal Ka Kamaal

episode 1: NAYAGAN

Widely regarded as Kamal's best film, this masterpiece was directed by the then unknown Mani Ratnam, and scored by music maestro Ilayaraaja. Nayagan, an indianised version of Mario Puzo's Godfather ( in itself made into a brilliant film by Coppola) was saved from being a gimmicky copy of the Hollywood version due to Kamal's brilliant acting. While the movie's plot set in the "smuggler" era of the 80s might seem a bit dated now, Kamal's acting as the orphaned Velu, who is adopted by small time criminal living in Dharavi, and who goes on to become a veritable "Godfather" is incredible.
Scenes such as the one where Kamaal protests the local police inspector's bullying by bearing the entire force of the water cannon used against the slum people, or even that depicting his interaction with a prostitute, who requests that he let her study for the night, as she has an exam the next morning have all stood the test of time, take a look-see:

Time Magazine listed Nayagan as One of the Hundred greatest movies ever made ( the only other Indian movie making this list was Satyajit Ray's Apu trilogy). If you haven't seen Nayagan, well, you better do this now, cause this jewel of a film will never lose its sheen!


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