Monday, October 12, 2009

Salaam Mozart: Salman se Simpson tak!

hellos my frEEk fellows!

The promos of Vipul Shah's London Dreams are currently doing the rounds of our idiot boxes, featuring steroidal Salman Khan, alluring Asin Thottumkal and aggravated Ajay Devgan the movie revolves around

a wannabe Indian rock band in London led by Ajay Devgan, called "London Dreams" Asin plays the lead back-up dancer for this band (did not know rock bands required dancers!) Salman plays a village bumpkin and Ajay's childhood pal with a surprising music talent, which comes to the fore when he travels to London and ends up joining the band.

Jealousy comes to the fore when Salman's popularity with the crowds and with Asin threatens to usurp Ajay as the band's lead. Will talent rise to the fore, or will Ajay's villainous ways succeed in manipulating the naive Salman into ruin? - those my frEEks are answers we cannot provide, what we do recollect is the amazing similarity that the above plotline holds to 1981's

"AMADEUS" directed by MiloŇ° Forman based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart starring Tom Hulce as the legendary composer who threatens to upstage the existing court composer Salieri (played by F. Murray Abraham in his Oscar winning performance), mirroring real life,
the movie reveals Salieri's sinister manipulations of Mozart as he convinces the young composer that there are people out to kill him driving him to paranoia, alcoholism and eventual death!

Mozart's legendary tale has not escaped the hands of our favurite animated series the Simpson's and an episode titled Margical History Tour featured a Simpson style retelling of "Amadeus"
the episode featured Bart reprising Mozart's role and Lisa replaying the evil Salieri.
The above clip, features Lisa's Salieri, having done away with Bart's Mozart, returning to the King, only to run into the new composer Ludwig van Beethoven (played by Nelson Muntz)!!

So there you have it my frEEks, the legendary composer has crossed boundaries of geography, medium and language to enthrall us with his everlasting music! a frEEky salute then to his great genius!

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Sandhya said...

Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan are unlikely choices for rock stars! Both look old and haggard and dont look like they could carry off a tune if their life depended upon it. The director should have picked up somebody younger!


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