Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sneak Freek 1: Low Budget - High Thrills!

Hello my sugar-coated freeklates!

Are you one of those who reads up a movie preview/synopsis only to yawn at its more than obvious plot? Have the run-of-the-mill plots feel like regurgitated insanity to you?

Then you a true, freeking FREeK my friend, and in an attempt to rekindle your long lost romance, that feeling of unexplained freekishness when you first fell in love with celluloid, the Film Freek presents to you a sneak peek at some outstanding bits of forthcoming cinema, who are way of the freeking radar, well then ladies and (who cares about the rest), get ready for...



Having spent part of my growing years (yes, where the growing was vertical, as opposed to the middle expansion that I indulge in now!) in a remote town near Alaska, the premise of the little Canadian horror flick was eerily close to comfort for me! In an freekative interpretation of the Zombie genre, Pontypool directed by Bruce McDonald merges the claustrophobia (Cave, Descent, Dog-Soldiers) and the Zombie Genre (28 days later, 28 weeks later).

(click, on the pic for the trailer!)

The plot revolves around a shock-jock (that's a radio host who makes controversial statements, not electric underwear!) who is carted off to the non-descript town of Pontypool ( which really exists!) as a result of his on-air shenanigans, only to find to receive freeked out on-air callers describing bizzare incidents, about crazed people attempting to rip-out the tongue of passerbys, burning down the town school, and slowly losing the ability to communicate comprehensibly! Is it the imagination of the coked-up jockey? a town-wide prank? or more to this than meets the eye (or the ear in this case?) Pontypool takes an innovative swipe at the horror genre, and is an outstanding example of how thrills, chills, and umm..spills? do not necessarily involve high budgets, or marquee stars!


Given the blitzkrieg of visual imagery that we are subjected, our rarely do our saturated craniums sit up and take notice of the beautiful vision that cinema can provide us, from the epic storytelling of Lawrence of Arabia to the Hirsteque (yes, i made that word up!!) imagery of Tarsem Singh's THE CELL . Cinema has provided us with some though provoking, and in the case of that scene from the CELL; seat wetting visuals! and promising to join the ranks of the visual treats; is this little indie gem from Jamin Winans, while the other movie in this article dealt with the concept of "sound" in exploring the psycho-horror genre, Ink undoubtedly deals with the fears that one perceives in one's dreams (yes, that uncharted territory) Ink, is set in a freekesque world of nocturnal beings that create sweet dreams that share an uneasy peace with similar beings that create nightmares...and what happens when such peace is shattered over a tussle for a little girl's dreams! is your freek-sense all tingly?...well click on the pic below, to watch this genre-bending trailer for...INK!

Ink, is then a shining example of how a measly budget, unknown stars and a freekingly gifted director can churn out such amazing cinema!

The fReEk

extra freeky: Ink is the new BLAIR WITCH! (you heard it here first!)

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